Welcome to UNIQ Miami,

UNIQ is a world class luxury yacht charter company in Miami offering the finest yacht rentals in the region.


Year of foundation

From very humble beginnings UNIQ was founded in Los Angeles and grew to be the number one luxury yacht rental company in Southern California. UNIQ started off with a single yacht back in 2010 in Marina Del Rey and has gradually amassed a state-of-the-art fleet that delivers phenomenal yachting experiences. More than 10 years later the company now serves all the major cities in Southern California; San Diego, Newport, and Long Beach. To better manage the growing demand we’ve moved our headquarters to Miami, Florida. 

Our drive to deliver first class experiences and ensure customer satisfaction is at the core of our success.

Our mission going forward is to expand to new local and international markets and continue providing the same great experiences.

Contact us today for an unforgettable, customized, and luxurious yachting experience.

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